3.10 to Yuma

four stars out of five So, the Western is not top of my favourite genres, but when an interesting sounding film comes around – and here was a good one – I’ll tune in. Continue reading


Thank You For Smoking

three stars out of five Wasn’t sure if I’d like this film – hell, with a title like that, what was left to like? However, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. There is warmth & wit and if the satirical ‘message’ is sometimes less subtle than being hit with a brick, that doesn’t make it any less funny. I like the way that all the attempts to put a positive spin on smoking and the tobacco industry are twisted into their opposite values. Continue reading

The Savages

three stars out of five A superbly acted drama of the domestic, that tackles an area rarely even acknowledged in Hollywood – ageing. The uncomfortable and mundane realities about dealing with an ageing parent, guilt, duty and relationships (including sibling rivalry) are all examined without sentimentality or cuteness, but with believable characterisation thanks to the strong cast. Continue reading