In The Loop

four and a half stars out of five Don’t watch this if you are in any way offended by ‘strong’ language. It is a masterclass in how brilliant swearing can be if used well!

This is a spin-off film from the TV series The Thick Of It (which I had previously never watched, but have now fully made up for lost time with box sets – thank goodness for dvds) and has been criticised in some areas for being a bit thin on plot in the second half. I didn’t really notice this & found the film very very funny, very sweary and not in the least bit politically unlikely – scarily enough. It’s a post-Alastair Campbell spin doctor take on Yes Minister (which I’ve also now caught up with on dvd after watching this film). 

Great performances by the immensely talented Peter Capaldi (very srange to hear him in another role on radio the other day – I kept expecting him to break out the Tucker!), the lovely Chris Addison (brilliant stand-up comic, go see) and the rest of the cast. Unusually, even the Features section of the disc is worth a look!


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