Sleep Furiously

four stars out of five Pretty much an inaction movie. This is a beautiful, languid lament for a dying way of life in the Welsh hills. The sort of thing that gets looked at with nostalgia once it’s gone – but here it is, portrayed without sentimentality while it’s gasping its last breaths. Continue reading


The Men Who Stare At Goats

three and a half stars out of five Having read some negative reviews, I wasn’t sure what to expect here. However, from the off, I was engaged & amused (& occasionally horrified) by this strange tale based on Jon Ronson’s eponymous book. Ewan McGregor even captured some of Ronson’s peculiar nuances of speech. Continue reading

Wise Blood

three and a half stars out of five This very dark tale amply illustrates the meaning of the Jesuits’ tenet of ‘give us the child & we’ll show you the man’, as the adult Hazel Motes continually flashes back to his fire & brimstone preacher grandfather’s teachings of hellfire & damnation. The extent to which Motes (Dourif is gut-wrenchingly excellent in his torment) initially tries to fight against his upbringing only makes his final return to evangelism and monastic self-flagellation all the more disturbing. Continue reading