Ballets Russes

three and a half stars out of five A documentary with attitude. This film concerns itself with the development of the various incarnations of the Ballets Russes post-Diaghilev, which I hadn’t realised before viewing. Continue reading



three stars out of five Some brilliant visuals in this film – a Paris that’s both instantly recognisable & futuristic, the glass pavement outside Notre Dame viewed from the metro station underneath, the shimmeringly invisible heavy mob. The black/white graphic novel style is used to great effect here, although there are a few scenes that are a bit too dark to be effective. The entirely passable storyline is enhanced by the paranoia-inducing visual style. Bladerunner meets Sin City.

An Education

four stars out of five Surprisingly good & entertaining film. A strong cast make what could have been a slight and rather unlikely tale seem entirely plausible. A funny, nuanced and wry slice of social commentary that’s well worth a watch.