four stars out of five Is it wrong to love this woman? She’s a drunk, a flake, a brazen liar and a kidnapper.

But she’s also smart, feisty, fearless and understands better than most about living in the moment. Her own inner strengths are counterpointed by the disintegration of her friend from AlAnon (del Castillo is terrific) and in confronting the friend’s vile, manipulative father-in-law after kidnapping his grandson. There’s almost a glimpse of a possibility of redemption as she finally bonds with & then rescues the boy from a second kidnapping (after she’s got drunk & forgotten about him). Luckily, the schmaltz is avoided & she’s last seen walking along a Mexican highway, broke again – but she’s a survivor and a fighter; she’ll be fine, or die trying. Brilliant performances, especially from teetotal Tilda Swinton.


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