The Time Traveler's Wife

three stars out of five Fairly watchable movie – a love story with a twist of time – if a bit too long to sustain the idea & the suspension of disbelief required.

The film focuses firmly on the human cost involved in sustaining the inevitably fractured relationships rather than being a sci-fi exploration of the technicalities of time travel. It is a tale of free will vs. predestination – Henry can’t affect the future (except in respect of the lottery incident, apparently..) but can only attempt to use his knowledge to prepare others. Clare believes she has no choice in being with him, but actually this seems mainly to arise from a childhood crush & her fairly passive nature rather than any serious attempt to confound fate. When Henry tells Clare the name of their unborn child (having met her aged 10 while time travelling), is he just reporting the inevitable or causing it to happen? Niggles & inconsistencies start to grate after a while, but it’s decently acted & visually easy on the eye. Better than Benjamin Button, anyhow.


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