Email merge – Outlook 2003

I needed to let a userbase of around 300 people know their individual usernames & passwords for a new web-based system. The easiest way was to send out a bulk email using mail merge functionality. Here’s how I did it:- Continue reading


Formatting vs. Styles

This one was prompted by a problem posed on an Excel forum, for which I provided a solution. The original issue was actually to do with hiding/unhiding rows programmatically based on user selection from a drop-down, a function that required use of the Worksheet_Change event and Set Intersect, with additional code to hide/unhide…but that’s beside the point, so we’ll skip that one for now. Continue reading

Defined Names in Excel

A Defined Name is a text descriptor created by the user/developer to describe content, meaning or use of a cell or range of cells, a constant, or a formula. Once defined this can be used in place of cell addresses or other content and makes formulae much easier to understand and/or maintain.  Continue reading