Email merge – Outlook 2003

I needed to let a userbase of around 300 people know their individual usernames & passwords for a new web-based system. The easiest way was to send out a bulk email using mail merge functionality. Here’s how I did it:- Continue reading


Dashboards, the nitty gritty

It turns out (okay, so this was no surprise to me) that what goes into a dashboard matters. And to make it clear, I’m talking about Business or Management Information dashboards, not vehicular ones, although no doubt the same general rule applies. Continue reading

Formatting vs. Styles

This one was prompted by a problem posed on an Excel forum, for which I provided a solution. The original issue was actually to do with hiding/unhiding rows programmatically based on user selection from a drop-down, a function that required use of the Worksheet_Change event and Set Intersect, with additional code to hide/unhide…but that’s beside the point, so we’ll skip that one for now. Continue reading

Defined Names in Excel

A Defined Name is a text descriptor created by the user/developer to describe content, meaning or use of a cell or range of cells, a constant, or a formula. Once defined this can be used in place of cell addresses or other content and makes formulae much easier to understand and/or maintain.  Continue reading