Merging CSV Files The Easy Way

For reasons which are best not explained, I was given some large data exports that had been created as a dozen or so Excel sheets (to the tune of 40,000+ lines per sheet) and asked to convert them into something more useful. Specifically, a CSV file. Continue reading


Updating MS Word Autofields

MS Word is a peculiar beast and it should be remembered that, just because it comes out of the Microsoft stable, this doesn’t mean it works the same as MS Excel. There are some obscure reasons for this peculiarity but, rather than go into these in depth, I’ll limit the scope of this article to a specific question posed recently. Continue reading

The Crimson Rivers

two and a half stars out of five It’s a bit of a croque, monsieur.

It’s like the French cinematic world decided to have a go and “do Hollywood” by just throwing as much of everything as they could think of into this film. Like someone watched The Da Vinci Code and went “I know, let’s have a Nazi consipracy, some genetic engineering, a lot of stupid gendarmes – but this being France, they have wine when on duty rather than coffee/donuts – oh, and a bit of martial arts. That will be great!”. Um, not so much. Continue reading

Proof, if proof were needed (it was)

I took the pretty shonky little snapshot below with my phone while perched on a very narrow step outside my local branch of a well-known national bank (you know, the one with the cringe-making faux radio station tv adverts…). As you can probably work out for yourself, the picture is of a section from a careers poster. This poster has been on display for at least 6 months. I know this because I took a previous photo of it back in November that was even worse than the one I’ve included here and it’s taken me until today to get round to re-doing it & finishing this article. Continue reading