This is a bit darker than the trailer might suggest, but there are some humorous moments too.

It’s a tale of drug-dealers and the chaos that surrounds their lives from their strung-out clients, their ruthless overlords and their put-upon families.

It’s also the tale of old friendships renewed as Chris (Mays) returns to the town he left in haste some four years previously, after the accidental death of his girlfriend from a drug overdose when he and his mate, Shifty, were just teenage lightweights playing on the edges of the drug-dealing racket. Looking up his old mate, Shifty (Ahmed), Chris finds he’s become a fully-fledged, hard-nosed dealer. The film is essentially a day in Shifty’s life. Not a very good day, mind you, but there you go.

Chris and Shifty’s initially slightly cautious reunion eventually boils over and old resentments spill out, but it also clears the air and helps them to rediscover the roots of their friendship.

If this low budget film is sometimes suggestive of Shane Meadows’ work, that’s no disgrace. Well acted & filmed and definitely worth a watch.


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