Tais-Toi! / Shut Up!

four stars out of five Hilarious caper farce in the fine French tradition. A great mix of slapstick and verbal humour that had us all laughing out loud right from the start.
Depardieu is Quentin a childlike petty criminal with a killer punch. In prison, again, for attempting to rob a bureau de change and then a bank, he drives every cellmate crazy with his incessant chat. Meanwhile, Ruby (Reno), a gangster, makes the mistake of first robbing from and then stealing the girlfriend of his boss, Vogel. Vogel retaliates by murdering the girl. Ruby’s next on the hit list – so he’s safer in prison for now, but is refusing to talk. The prison psychologist thinks that Quentin’s babblings may break Ruby’s silence and puts them together. Quentin, despite Ruby’s refusal to utter a word, decides they are friends and builds a fantasy future for them both.

There’s a hilariously bungled jailbreak and then Quentin and Ruby are on the run, not just from the law but from Vogel’s hitmen, too. Ruby is out for revenge on Vogel and still desperate to be rid of Quentin but a reluctant bond is formed with his garrulous mate as they lurch from one mishap to the next.

Suspend any disbelief & just be entertained by this very funny film.


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