About Pasigraphy Ltd

Welcome to more from… Pasigraphy Ltd.

Apart from “how do you pronounce it?” (it’s – approximately – puh-SI-gruffy), we most often get asked “what on earth is Pasigraphy, anyway?”.

Well, it’s a concept that dates at least from the Enlightenment period when lots of people, including the famous polymath, Leibniz, thought it might be a really good idea to create a universal language. The word Pasigraphy comes from the Greek roots pasi=all and graph=write. The idea was that a series of symbols would express concepts or ideas that could be readily understood by people of all nations. Obviously, that caught on well.

When we were thinking of a company name we discovered that, although we work slightly differently, we have a common aim of communicating crisply, cleanly and concisely to our target audience. It might be a neat piece of code, a simple how-to or something more complex, but the aim is always constant – to be universally understood.

It probably helps that we’ve both worked in multinational environments, so we have an appreciation of the fact that you can’t always assume cultural or linguistic common ground and sometimes you just have to spell things out as clearly & simply as you can to avoid confusion.

Oh, and the name is also a reflection of our love of obscure words – but try not to hold that against us too much.


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